What is Superposition?

Pattern Recognition

  • The reason the superposition works in QT is because our brains are always looking for patterns
  • Our brains are fantastic pattern recognition engines, a characteristic which is highly useful for lifelong learning and subsequent success
  • The brain promotes the information because two or more instances of an effort make up the beginnings of a sequence

Enhanced Intelligence

  • Creating the Quantum Teaming environment is not merely an external process but also an internal journey
  • This is the time to discover your unique mental diamonds, your intelligence (not merely knowledge) and make it work for you
  • When you truly discover your mental diamonds, anything and every event in your life takes on superposition
  • Superposition can be a regular, daily state in the life of the quantum teamer

Lifelong Results





Quantum Teaming - A Primer

Teaming in the 21st Century Self-Information Age

The book begins the journey to understanding quantum teaming in 21st century organizations. 

Quantum Teaming - A Primer: Teaming in the 21st Century Self-Information Age