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The 21st century is the age of self-information. The global population now has access to virtually any information sought to expand their knowledge and skill sets. The organizational environment must embrace this reality beyond merely entering the social network arena or implementing a knowledge management system. Organizations have an opportunity to welcome and leverage the already honed skills of each individual and benefit from the dynamic creativity of teamwork by willingly becoming worker-centric. Confidence in the self-information of the worker is the new ROI. 

We live in a world where friendships are made worldwide via the internet. Members of teams, virtual or physical, naturally entangle with one another via social networks, mobile devices or through emails. There is no need for an organization to force workers to fulfill projects through stiff and bureaucratic mandates of the past. Everyone does not have to be on the same page, or interpret the contents the same way, to read the same book. Each adult that enters the 21st century workplace has creative ideas and approaches to completing a project. Each member of the team is capable of gathering information, discovering ways to approach a project, seeking support and getting things done. The organization has to create an environment where workers are supported in transferring previously honed skills and learning new skills. An organization must create an environment where the leadership recognizes qualities in the workers and encourages their growth.

A quantum teaming environment is where the worker’s ability to contribute and lead their own processes is trusted to get the job done. The worker produces results because they are affirmed by self-information. Projects in quantum teaming environments provide benefits to individual growth and the growth of the team. As a result, the actualized individual becomes a super-individual; many super-individuals achieve superposition in quantum teaming. This is the nature of a Quantum Team organization.

Quantum Teaming - A Primer

Teaming in the 21st Century Self-Information Age

The book begins the journey to understanding quantum teaming in 21st century organizations. 

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