Throughout the years, quantum teaming (QT) has been presented to hundreds of students, interns, and professionals. QT is phenomenal and evolving through continuous improvement and documenting its measurable reality in virtual team environments. The success of virtual teams through the sensitivity and entanglement of its team members seems to happen without any direct physicality. Virtual team members are told primary assumptions about the teaming environment as well as the thought-forms to avoid. The classic interpretation of entry into the team is usually identified as uncertainty but in quantum teaming it is anticipation (not fear) or surprise. The way to overcome uncertainty is to fully entangle one’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and curiosity into the team.Quantum teaming states that full entanglement leads to increased productivity and realization of our greatest potential. This is called superposition and it spreads throughout the team members, resulting in a lot being done with a few people.

Quantum Teaming - A Primer

Teaming in the 21st Century Self-Information Age

The book begins the journey to understanding quantum teaming in 21st century organizations. 

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