Quantum Nature of Virtual Teaming

Quantum Warm-UP

Your Choice: How important/not important are you?

Quantum Teaming

Basic assumptions of Quantum Teaming

  • Uncertainty (Rotary activity and individual consciousness).
  • Entanglement (Cyclic activity unified group consciousness).
  • Superposition (Spiral activity unified consciousness of all groups), all happening upon forward motion, periodicity, and form processes:
    • Each adult team member has an area in their lives where they already have mastery and/or confidence in a self-skill.
    • Those hones skills transfer into a meaningful contribution to the Quantum Teaming environment as uncertainty transforms to entanglement.
    • Joined groups’ contributions create superposition – we are stronger together than separate.
    • Therefore, all possible outcomes are possible – you choose!
    • Emphasis is placed upon members embracing self-growth and sharing the results with others:
      • Look for the opportunities within yourself to learn and/or contribute what it is you want to accomplish.
      • “We teach best what we need to learn” and “We learn by doing”.

Quantum Teams: Important or Not Important?

Humans have a natural, spiral-cyclic impulse to expand rotary motion, to go forth, overlap and supersede, and intermingle with each other:

  • This is not limited to physical presence but is also evident through virtual, mental activity among teams.
  • Physical motion is rotary; individuals move at different degrees of velocity, activity, and confidence.
  • When members are brought in touch with Quantum Teaming spiral-cyclic virtual environments, it creates and stimulates the rotary individual to emerge and entangle with others to gain experiences.
  • Greater and lesser entanglement and attraction occurs among virtual groups;
    • Diverse types of members and aspects of will, purpose, and intelligence begin to join.
    • Creativity begins to demonstrate constructive form-building, project producing, effective teaming.
    • Everybody listens to the mental diamond potential within!

Quantum Teaming - A Primer

Teaming in the 21st Century Self-Information Age

The book begins the journey to understanding quantum teaming in 21st century organizations. 

Quantum Teaming - A Primer: Teaming in the 21st Century Self-Information Age